Clearswift's On-Premise Secure Email Gateway’s Flexibility Keeps Global Bank Compliant

A global bank with thousands of employees and more than 500 branches needs a robust email security solution to manage regional compliance requirements, policy implementation, and encryption. For over 20 years, Fortra's Clearswift Secure Email Gateway (SEG) continues to be their trusted appliance for staying compliant and secure.  

Complex Compliance Made Manageable 

Data compliance is a serious focus for financial institutions as there are many regulations they must follow in order to keep data safe. Fines for violating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can cost up to €20 million or four percent of an organization’s annual global turnover/revenue (whichever is larger). For this bank, it means defining complex polices for the content and context of their data. Using email among many bank locations across different countries while staying compliant is paramount for the bank. Oftentimes requirements for each location are diverse, as countries can have varied legalities for how data is handled.  

Defining an email security policy for the bank requires a high level of granularity. Clearswift uses powerful lexical analysis and regular expression rules to search for keywords and phrases. When found, the sensitive data can be automatically removed or managed by a system administrator. This helps the bank regulate the data to segregate certain parts of the organization so that departments not meant to share information do not communicate and transfer information in error.

Policies that Provide Peace of Mind

The challenge of working with multiple countries means working with different legislation and approaches to compliance — making even seemingly simple things more multifaceted. The IT manager explains that with diverse banking branches even required email footers can become elaborate.

Through enforcement of a governing financial body, every company must list its company registration number, place of registration, and registered office address on its website and in an email disclaimer.

Clearswift can detect and use the proper email footers based on the policies written for that branch. This gives [the bank] the peace of mind in knowing they are compliant without manually having to regulate.

Governance Without Getting in the Way

Clearswift’s on-premise Secure Email Gateway (SEG) solution is easy to deploy, monitor, and manage in order to support and enforce policies in a way that doesn’t overburden professionals. Features such as the ability to handle all threats from a single interface and the capability for employees to manage their own quarantine list helps increase the efficiency of the solution and ultimately frees up time for IT teams to spend on other projects.

Added Security with Automatic Encryption

Detecting and removing unauthorized data from incoming and outgoing emails, along with automatically encrypting any authorized data, protects the bank employees and the organization in the unfortunate event that sensitive data is incorrectly sent or received.

Clearswift's SEG appliance supports multiple encryption options that allows organizations to select the most appropriate methods for different user communities. As the IT manager explains, Clearswift provides Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, which encrypts data to keep it from being viewed by unintended viewers. This is needed to keep data safe and compliant with GDPR.

For the bank, being a reliable solution that continues to operate effectively is exactly why they continue to trust the on-premise Clearswift SEG to help govern complex compliance policies, while also keeping them safe from cyberattacks and data loss.

Email Protection Made Easier for You

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