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Sunshine Coast Regional Council Case Study

Headquartered in Nambour, the Sunshine Coast Regional Council (which was originally 3 separate councils) provides services to more than 278,000 people, making it one of Australia’s largest and most advanced constituencies, covering 2,291,000 square meters. One of their key focuses has been to adjust to the evolving IT landscape in order to ensure operational efficiency and the protection of its citizens from the increased threat of cyber-attacks and unauthorized sharing of critical information.

One of their challenges was finding a solution that would operate across the IT environments of all 3 regions, effectively uniting security and infrustructures under one policy umbrella. The Clearswift solution had this ability. After deciding the deploy both the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway and Web Gateway, the Sunshine Coast Regional Council was provided with a centralised network security protection, underpinned with the industry’s most advanced Deep Content Inspection engine to combat advanced malware detection, delivering bi-directional content-aware data loss prevention that is integrated into the architecture.

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