Clearswift Augmenting Existing Security Infrastructure

Clearswift empowers organizations with the ability to augment existing IT security infrastructure to increase inbound threat protection and enable adaptive data loss prevention across key business collaboration channels.

The Clearswift Adaptive Redaction technology is unique to any other technology on the market. Comprised of 3 components, featured in all the Clearswift SECURE Gateways, it can also be added-on to non-Clearswift email and web infrastructure. 

Read our Solution Brief to discover the 3 components of the Clearswift Adaptive Redaction technology:

  • Structural Sanitzation: removes active code for zero-hour phishing, malware and ransomware protection
  • Document Santization: removes sensitive 'hidden' information and metadata for data harvesting protection
  • Data Redaction: finds and replaces sensitive 'visible' information with **** for critical information protection, supporting data protection regulations

Tags: Solution Briefs, Email Security