Clearswift Information Governance Server Demo

Data is the heart of every organization, although not all data is created equal. The Information Governance Server provides additional data loss prevention (DLP) features that tracks and traces critical information across the organization. Real-time remediation is applied if a piece of information breaks security policies preventing reputational damage caused by data leaks. 

Your live demo will include:  

  • Discussion around your unique challenges and requirements 
  • A walkthrough of the software in action  
  • An overview of the Information Governance Server benefits and features  
  • Plenty of time for questions  

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What Do I Get with the Clearswift Information Governance Server?

  • Sensitive files are securely registered into a central repository 
  • Text and images are hashed at the item level 
  • Integrates with other Clearswift solutions 
  • Tracks and traces information across the organizational boundary 
  • Blocks inappropriate transmissions