Clearswift Catalyst Partner Program

Designed to support your way of working.

Program purposes

Clearswift’s security philosophy is reflected in the design of our Catalyst Partner Program. It is structured to drive true partnership and collaboration so that we accelerate our mutual success.

Designed to support the way you work, the program allows our partners to easily progress through levels. That’s why the rewards and benefits you enjoy increase as you develop within the program.

Clearswift Catalyst Partner Program logo

Clearswift Catalyst Partner Program


Securing Opportunities

Maximum margin protection to secure repeatable profitability

Sales & Marketing Support

A full range of sales and marketing programs to help you drive profits

Easy to get started

Simple online registration and training process

Clearswift Catalyst Partner Program

Become a Clearswift Catalyst Partner today

Download and read our Catalyst Partner Program resources which provide a detailed overview of the program and the benefits of becoming a Clearswift Partner. Then, review our training options and apply to become a partner by completing and submitting the online form.

Catalyst Partner Program overview
Deal Registration Program overview
Apply to become a Catalyst Partner

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