A Landmark Day for Clearswift

A Landmark day for Clearswift

By Heath Davies, Chief Executive

Today I am delighted to announce that Clearswift has signed a landmark $1.6m annual contract with a major international organisation. Clearswift is providing a critical information protection solution utilising our unique Adaptive Redaction technology.

We launched Adaptive Redaction in September 2013 as an option for our SECURE Email and Web gateways and in February also announced the availability of the SECURE Exchange Gateway which enables organisations to apply the same DLP policies to internal emails and the SECURE ICAP gateway making our Adaptive Redaction technology available to Bluecoat ProxySG users.

Signing contracts of this scale and significance further validates our product strategy and our integrated Aneesya Platform vision.

In light of recent high profile data breaches having a robust Critical Information Protection solution has become an imperative for all organisations. Following the recent eBay cyber-attack the results of a YouGov poll conducted on behalf of Clearswift suggest that 49% of adults in the UK have become wary of the e-commerce website highlighting the very real business impact of failing to do so.

Clearswift enables secure collaboration by delivering 100% visibility of critical information 100% of the time.