Innovation Abounds

View from House of Lords in London

By Dr. Guy Bunker @guybunker

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend an event at the House of Lords in London. The evening was hosted by Baroness Buscombe and Lyceum Capital Partners. This was a chance for Lyceum partners and senior managers to network and talk with senior executives from their various portfolio companies.

The weather was fantastic and we were fortunate to be able to stand outside on the terrace. If you haven’t been there, then the Houses of Parliament are impressive from the outside, but even more special on the inside. Lyceum has a very diverse range of companies in its portfolio; including ‘Eat’ the sandwich chain, CuroCare who provide residential care and Clearswift in the cyber-security domain. Their investments cover a huge breadth of different industries.

It was good to talk to the other execs about their businesses and what they were doing, especially from an innovation perspective; how they were looking to grow their businesses and become leaders in their space. While the industries may be different, the challenges are similar; how do you integrate cultures? How do you speed the “1+1=3” synergies of a new acquisition? How do you sell the new stuff? How...? The discussions were wide ranging and useful. There was also time to speak with the investors, explain what we did, how we were different and how we were going to grow. Cyber Security is a ‘hot’ topic, but being able to talk about innovation in the space to people who wouldn’t usually hear about it (other than what they read in the press) proved to be extremely thought provoking and was time well spent.

At the highest court in the land, with the highest level of law making, it was great to discuss the impact of regulations on businesses and how Clearswift can help them. It was also an opportunity to give an insight to our award winning Adaptive Redaction and explain the innovation behind it.
There was a real buzz at the event. We all had a common bond through Lyceum and listening to others made me realise just what an exciting time it is to be growing our business along with others.