Making IT Lives Easier

Making IT Live Easier

About HelpSystems

HelpSystems understands how difficult it is for IT teams to keep up with the volume and complexity of today’s security threats. Our software helps organizations secure their IT environments, providing solutions that are both effective and easy to use.

In 2019, we recognized that Clearswift had a unique position in the data security market and added the company to our growing portfolio. With our expanded product line, we help our customers stay on top of the shifting security environment.

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Our Commitment to You

Whether you’re a security analyst, IT operator, business analyst, or CIO, your day is full of challenges—and often surprises. We continually hear that you’re looking for better ways to secure your environments. Our commitment to you is simple: We focus on giving you solutions to improve everyday operations, save time, and cut costs. Through reliable software, expert services, and outstanding support, we help you solve your business problems and give you peace of mind.

Our Commitment

About Clearswift

IT teams need trusted solutions to defend against inbound cyber-attacks and outbound data loss. Clearswift’s suite of data security products provides complete and consistent protection across email, web and endpoints, allowing teams to collaborate effectively and securely, while providing IT with control and visibility over important sensitive data.

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a key concern for organizations who need to comply with regulatory requirements such as GDPR or HIPAA. Organizations in industries such as defense, government, healthcare and financial services rely on Clearswift to provide the highest level of data loss protection.

All Clearswift products are based on a Deep Content Inspection Engine that detects, analyzes and modifies content in real time. Unique redaction and sanitization features remove only the elements that can potentially cause an unwanted data breach or disruptive cyber-attack, keeping communications flowing and risk-free.

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“Our responsibility is to safeguard the critical information that is shared in and out of the organization. Clearswift solutions enables us to do this without impacting on the effectiveness of our essential daily operations.”

—Desktop Services Manager, Lee Millest

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