The Best Just Got Better

Just two weeks after winning a prestigious European award for our web and email security products, this week we’ve announced updated versions of both secure gateway products. Amongst new features is a more sophisticated method of encryption, enabling encryption of email content rather than the connection between two servers. In addition, encryption can be based on who the message is being sent to, or based on certain content within it, for example when certain keywords or phrases (e.g. ‘confidential’).

Another new development is the enhanced anti-spam engine. This now detects more than 99% of all spam – something we believe to be the best in the industry. For the first time, the engine uses a cloud-based system to classify non-cachéd messages in real-time, meaning that responsiveness to spam outbreaks is significantly improved.

On the updated web product, new features include real-time website categorisation, meaning that ‘inappropriate’ websites can be assessed (and if necessary, blocked) in real-time using technology which recognises the typical characteristics of ‘inappropriate’ sites. This technology is also used to help prevent inappropriate images being displayed on a Google Image search.

Clearswift Web Appliance 2.1 and Clearswift Email Appliance 3.1 will be available in May 2010. Supported customers will automatically receive the update and will benefit from Clearswift’s new 24/7 support package will be available for both products.