Blurring Boundaries

Today sees the second in our series of three reports issued based on the research that we undertook looking into the impact of social media and Web 2.0 on today’s workplace. The research has brought to the fore the rise of a new group of workers – ’Generation STaNDby‘ (Socially and Technologically Never Disconnected) – who never seem to fully switch off from work or home. Doing work at home in the evenings or at weekends, not switching off the BlackBerry and checking work email long past the end of the day – I’m sure that we can all recognise these characteristics. And on the flip side, due to the amount of time spent at work, the STaNDbys are catching up on personal tasks such as online shopping, personal email etc, frequently when they are at work – ‘home-ing from work’.Generation Standby are so attuned to this way of working that even with employment prospects as they are today, one fifth (21%) would turn down a job that did not allow them to access social networking sites or personal email during work time.

There was also strong feedback from employees asserting the view that they should be trusted to access social networking or websites from their work computers for personal reasons. And almost 80% of employees said that over and above job role and pay, the most important thing to them was being trusted to manage their own time and online access.

The boundaries between home and work are blurring now more than ever and Generation Standby has so much more flexibility and capability to work wherever and whenever they want to. This does however raise questions about trust in the workplace, how these technologies are used, the balance of power in the employer vs. employee relationship and levels of control that businesses now have over people and content.

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