Cyber Training Range


Europe's Most Sophisticated Cyber Training Facility

The RUAG Cyber Training Range is Europe‘s most sophisticated and high-performance cyber training center, providing a first class learning environment for customers from all backgrounds. Courses are provided for executive teams as well as for IT and cross disciplinary groups. The learning experience is tailored to your needs, giving you the tools to understand and counter attacks on your business.
View the sections below to understand the goals and methods used by RUAG in their cyber training process.

RUAG Cyber Traing Centre
CTR Prevention


Prevention is all about identifying the critical assets of your organization and understanding threats that can affect you so that you can develop and sustain protection for your organization in the long run. While this should be first on the list, it is often only considered after an event when priorities change.

Preventive protection
In practical training sessions, you learn which methods your organization can take to proactively prevent cyber attacks and which solutions are most effective for your organization to mitigate today's threats.

Increased resilience
Realistic simulations teach you how to limit the impact of an attack, minimizing the effect on the organization as a whole, while ensuring that the incident is dealt with effectively and efficiently.


Acting swiftly enables you to alleviate the damage from a cyber-attack quickly and efficiently.
By retaining and learning from evidence, your ability to react will be faster and more complete in the future.

Efficient problem assessment
Learn how technical detection and crisis management go hand in hand to enable a swift and clear assessment of the situation.

Coordinated defense
Understand, in realistic scenarios (including realistic pressure), how existing resources, partners, and other assets contribute to your security and where improvements can be made.

CTR Detection
CTR Response


What happens when a security event occurs? A thorough analysis of a real world scenario cyber-attack improves your company’s security standards and allows for timely resuming of business operations. This is just as much for the executive team as it is for IT. Practice ensures that policies and procedures can be refined and that the event is dealt with in a seamless manner.

Efficient recovery
In RUAG's simulations, you learn what types of attack can happen and what needs to be done after an attack to resume standard operations with minimal disruption.

Advanced Analysis
Practice understanding the pattern variation behind an attack, assessing the motivation of the attacker and determining the approach to mitigate and improve the future level of protection. For example, utilizing dedicated measures derived from intelligence data.