Information Security Management System

ISMS is a simple and effective solution
that gives you full control.

Security Under Control

You need to be secure but you want to be in control as well. With RUAG, you can have both.
The RUAG team will help you plan the implementation of an ISMS in your business environment, providing as much help and advice as you need. Once your ISMS is established, your organization benefits from protected infrastructure, processes and information, while fulfilling regulatory requirements and gaining a competitive advantage.

RUAG security under control

Why you should choose RUAG Cyber Security?

You're in Control

The financial and time input is planned in detail. You know each step from start to finish and can continuously check the implementation of all measures, adapting them if necessary.

Reduced Project Risk

Our experience from many successful implementations reduces your project risk and gives your team members the certainty to master the project and the related changes.

Efficient Processes

You determine the schedule and the pace which enables efficient use of timelines for the implementation, without having to wait for others and requiring fewer meetings with consultants.

Cost Effectiveness

You reduce the cost of consulting services because you only pay for what you really need.

International Recognition

A successfully implemented ISMS is an achievement that is recognized and valued externally as well as internally for each team member involved in the project.

Educational Benefits

Your employees build up and expand know-how during the implementation and certification, making your team more independent of external consultants.