Bloxx End of Life – where next? Here’s the solution...

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With the American firm Akamai announcing its acquisition of web gateway vendor Bloxx, current customers may be at a loose end with the knowledge that the current Bloxx product set is set to be discontinued.

So where to next?

The news doesn’t alter the fact that as a customer you still need a secure web & email environment. You still need to mitigate attacks and web borne threats, and with the internet considered an extension of your own infrastructure and the ever growing adoption of cloud based services such as Office 365, it’s essential that the content and information that exists and is viewed online or through email is both appropriate, secure and permitted.

The Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway and SECURE Email Gateway bring you the functionality you enjoyed with Bloxx, with additional award-winning capabilities required for today’s requisite open and safe communications:

  • Inbound threat protection
  • Real-time classification
  • Safe-Search Enforcement
  • Browse time and quota policy
  • Flexible social media & YouTube policy controls
  • Real-time alerting of inappropriate user activity
  • Detailed reporting
  • Data loss prevention
  • Protection from spam & phishing
  • Ability to stop or redact inappropriate content (such as profanity)
  • Multiple anti-malware engines
  • Flexible deployment options

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