Integration that Delivers the Next Generation Web Application Security and Performance from F5 and Clearswift

Next Generation Web Application Security

In looking to make web security more secure for our customers, we’re changing the game again.

To better deliver critical information protection for Web applications, we recently announced a strategic partnership with F5, a company that has been rooted in security for years and is well known for helping organizations scale cloud, data center and SDN deployments to deliver applications. What does this partnership mean for our customers? If we’re talking security, quite a bit.

By joining the F5 Technology Alliance Program (TAP) alongside some of the biggest names in technology, including Amazon Web Services, IBM and HP, we are able to integrate our Adaptive Redaction technology via the Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway (SIG) with the F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM). The combination of the two technologies enhances the functionality of both products and extends the security benefits for our customers, as well as F5 customers.

This highly scalable secure application platform provides customers with the benefit of deep content inspection within documents, web pages and application information requests, redacting sensitive information as data flows through or in and out of an organization’s network. Additionally, users can proactively detect and mitigate information loss risks, alerting organizations to potential internal or external data breaches immediately, all without impacting the high performance and optimized application delivery expected on these mission critical systems. When you have more than one-third of your workforce willing to sell confidential company data in exchange for a trip to the Bahamas, this technology becomes imperative.

According to Forrester’s TechRadar for Zero Trust Network Threat Mitigation Technology report, enterprise organizations view security as an afterthought of network design, relying on antiquated, hierarchical networks to protect them from advanced cyber threats. By consolidating individual security controls into fewer devices, much like we’re doing with F5, we can build security into the DNA of networks to respond to and prevent attacks.

By deploying Clearswift and F5 solutions together, customers will receive a secure and optimized user experience for web applications and servers, giving them the freedom to securely collaborate across the Internet.

By Kevin Bailey, VP Market Strategy.

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