Protecting Information Across The Defense Supply Chain

Enabling highly secure sharing of intelligence data and files

Trusted by Defense organizations across the globe

Clearswift has been working with Defense organizations and intelligence agencies around the world for over two decades. As this sector is the leading indicator of future cybersecurity threats, working closely with Defense clients has enabled Clearswift to develop some of the most advanced threat prevention and data protection technologies available in the cybersecurity market. Clearswift solutions can be tailored to the way the Defense community processes and shares information, enabling augmentation and enhancing of existing security infrastructure and processes, while ensuring compliance with regulations.

Supporting cross domain implementation requirements

With a growing requirement to share confidential information within departments, across national borders and throughout supply chains, federal organizations are looking to Cross Domain Solutions to help inspect, validate and verify data before it is sent or received into or between networks. Discover how Clearswift’s SECURE Web Gateway and SECURE Email Gateway can be set up to handle sophisticated policies and configured to filter the content on the traffic flow and prepare it to pass through a cross domain solution.

Cross Domain Gateway Filters

Improving control of regulated ITAR information

The US Government has substantially increased action against organizations and individuals responsible for breaches of the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR). Find out how Clearswift’s SECURE Email Gateway (SEG) helps to secure against ITAR breaches, protecting the organization and ensuring compliance with the regulation.

Highly secure intelligence information sharing

Gain full control of how and when information is shared both internally and externally with Clearswift’s Secure ICAP Gateway and HelpSystems GoAnywhere MFT solution. Managed data flows can be easily defined to exchange information through a portal to address the need to share large files securely and in a cost-effective manner. 


Secure File Sharing

Cyber Security and Data Loss Prevention Solutions

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