Clearswift’s Adaptive DLP Wins Top CEO World Award

Clearswift takes home the Gold Award for its Adaptive Data Loss Prevention innovation and transformative leadership. 

Gold Winner – New Products, Upgrades, and Innovations – Security Services - ARgon for Email

Gold Winner - Most Innovative CEO - Security Services: Heath Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Clearswift

Gold Winner - Executive of the Year - Security Services: Dr. Guy Bunker, SVP of Products, Clearswift

Game-changing innovation could not have come at better time for the data loss prevention (DLP) industry. Organizations previously immune to targeted attacks and privacy regulations were able to get by with a solid network defense and basic encryption to protect a portion of their sensitive data. Costs and complexities of traditional DLP technologies prevented adoption and often left an organization’s defense to stated written “corporate policies” around the use of shadow IT (i.e. cloud storage, personal webmail, social, USBs, etc.), sharing of data with third parties and how to publish documents on the web without being able to technically enforce them.

These organizations now face a completely new reality. Attacks are proliferating across the spectrum of company sizes and all verticals. More stringent global privacy regulations (e.g. the upcoming GDPR and the next iteration of PCI-DSS) require organizations to locate all their sensitive data wherever it is stored (hidden), monitor all possibly exit points and apply the appropriate security measures (e.g. sanitize, redact, block, delete, encrypt, etc.) to keep this critical information safe from unauthorized eyes at all times.  A tall order to comply in a cost effective way given the tools previously available.

Game-Changing Adaptive DLP 

Recognized by CEO World Awards for its welcomed innovation, Clearswift’s Gold winning and transformative leadership team led by CEO Heath Davies and SVP for Products Dr. Guy Bunker extended its unique Adaptive DLP to secure communications with its ARgon for Email solution. This next generation of data loss prevention technology is designed to address the pitfalls of traditional DLP technologies and make it a viable option for organizations of any size and industry. Mr. Davies and Dr. Bunker realized for DLP to be more broadly adopted it must have the ability to not only inspect the content, but also understand the context of the communication and apply the appropriate level of security to the data in real-time without disrupting the business.

Furthermore, it must go beyond what legacy solutions offer by helping prevent the initial attack with bi-directional threat protection and information harvesting prevention and adapt the content to remove those pieces of information which break policy, but leave the rest to continue unhindered. In order for the solution to be cost effective, ARgon for Email is rapidly deployed without a rip and replace of the existing email security infrastructure. The adaptive nature of the solution means the operational costs are minimized resulting in a cost 2 to 3 times less than other solutions on the market.


Winning the CEO World Award’s Gold soon after Clearswift’s Adaptive DLP entrance on the Gartner Magic Quadrant report for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention further demonstrates how customer focused innovation can lead to practical solutions that meet a pressing need for more adaptive security in the market.