Clearswift’s SECURE Email Gateway wins gold at Golden Bridge Awards

The winners of this year’s Golden Bridge Awards were announced last week, and we are delighted that Clearswift’s SECURE Email Gateway was recognized in the ‘Email Security Innovation’ category. 

The coveted annual awards program celebrates global, cross-industry business achievements and honors the world’s best in organizational performance, products and services, innovations, executives and management teams.

Winning gold reaffirms Clearswift’s position as a leading provider of cyber security and data loss prevention solutions, providing customers with advanced technology to mitigate against today’s cyber threats. 

More than 160 judges from a broad range of industries determined this year’s winners, with their combined average scores ultimately placing Clearswift and the SECURE Email Gateway as the gold award winner.

The Clearswift solution

With email at the core of business collaboration, it’s important that email security solutions provide an effective safety net without preventing a company from conducting its ‘business as usual’ activities. Traditional data loss prevention methods ‘stop and block’ emails that contain sensitive information, which can frustrate employees and lead to them finding a workaround – presenting yet another risk to the organization. 

Clearswift’s SECURE Email Gateway (SEG) differentiates itself from other email security solutions with its unique adaptive redaction technology. Rather than stopping the email altogether, SEG ensures that the information – deemed sensitive by the organization’s defined policy – is simply removed and the rest of the communication flow continues, minimizing the operational impact on the business.

Incorporating a robust Deep Content Inspection (DCI) engine, all information flowing through an organization’s email system is inspected, risks identified, and the appropriate level of security applied. For example, where an employee sends an email with a zip file attached, the file contains documents that contain links to further documents or embedded images. The Clearswift SEG deconstructs the email and attachment, analyzes its contents to determine which component breaks company policy, removes it, then allows the remaining ‘safe’ email and attachments to be delivered.

SEG’s advanced features help protect against new/little known threats – very few security solutions scan digital image files for threats, but Clearswift’s SEG does. Clearswift’s anti-steganography, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and redaction technologies protect organizations from today’s lesser known threats in images. Clearswift’s SEG scans and analyses all information flowing into and out of the network – email messages, attachments, images – in real-time, detecting and mitigating risks and threats, without affecting communication flow.

To learn more about our SECURE Email Gateway, head to our website here.