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July 17th sees the 2nd major Clearswift SECURE Gateways release in 2018. With another release planned in November, Clearswift continues to demonstrate our commitment to deliver innovation to our customers.

The latest Clearswift Version 4.8 release contains features to improve data loss prevention (DLP), Email Encryption and boost Web browsing performance. We are also launching a new on-premise encryption portal with our technology partner CipherMail.

Enhancing our DLP capabilities is increasingly important for all our customers. The introduction of GDPR earlier this year, as well as other data protection regulations across the globe, all require content to be monitored more closely than ever before. Examples include the State of California and Brazil who have both recently introduced ‘GDPR like’ legislation to ensure sufficient care of personal data.  Australia has also followed suit updating its Data Privacy Regulations (Notifiable Data Breach Scheme).

The Clearswift Version 4.8 release introduces support for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning of email messages coming in, going out, as well as within the organization.  The system scans message attachments, including documents and compressed files, and extracts text from images to pass to our DLP policy engine. It then enables DLP policy actions based on the discovered content, in the same way it does for normal text in documents.

The other major DLP feature in this release is the upgraded Lexical Expressions Qualifiers, which were originally created to reduce the chance of false positives. The new Version 4.8 enhancements increase the accuracy of searching and makes it simpler to use.  For example, say you want to detect personal identifiable information (PII) about employee data leaking from the organization.  It would be difficult to perform keyword searching of every employee especially for a large company, so we have a developed method where we can take a database export of employees’ data (or even just an Excel spreadsheet) and import that data into the Gateways in a secure hashed format, adding indexes to help find data more efficiently.  Using this new method, if we can find a Social Security Number AND the Forename AND the Surname in a chunk of data matching to the record from the database, we can be 100% confident we’ve found a positive match.

Email encryption is becoming more and more commonplace, especially for regulatory reasons such as the German Edi@Energy regulation as well as for better corporate information governance.  Clearswift Version 4.8 introduces support for S/MIME 3.2, extensive Certificate validation, searching and customizable TLS ciphers to ensure that data in transit is sent with a high level of security. Furthermore, the Clearswift cloud-based encryption portal has been upgraded and we are also introducing a new on-premise portal based encryption solution.

Portal-based encryption, whether in the cloud or on-premise, is becoming standard as a way for companies to collaborate securely with their customers. Our solution makes it transparent for the sender, and simple to use for the recipient.

Internet access and performance needs have increased for customers, in order to keep pace with the demand for faster access the Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway includes some significant performance enhancements, yielding about 20% faster access. Coupled with the similar performance boost we achieved in Version 4.7, browsing experience is noticeably better.

For those customers who use the Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway, additional headers are added to enable support of more Internet proxies, which now includes those from IBM.

Putting out a new release is always an exciting time for the Clearswift team. It’s good to go to our customers and say, “You know when you asked if we could do…, well in this release you can!”

Of course, with the release of Clearswift Version 4.8, there is no pause button. We are now working on the next release, with both customer requests and some real innovation, which we know is what is expected from us and keeps us at the top of the top of the global security vendor leaderboard.

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