Ransomeware attacks

Avoid waking up to encrypted computers

Niall Jeger

So you signed with your current supplier of IT security three years ago after a lengthy RFI, due diligence, PoC and procurement process. The project went well and you have auto renewed. You now have a robust solution to keep your business safe - so why the sleeplessness nights?

Why? Because a lot has changed in the last three years. When you put together your security requirements in 2014, how far up on the priority list was Ransomware? How far up was GDPR compliance? Was the C-Suite of your organization even involved in the decision, and why are they asking so many questions now!

2014 incidents were more about data mining hacks with headlines about Heartbleed (Open SSL), eBay and Sony. But 2017 is shaping up to be way more sinister with much-publicised business-stalling Ransomware attacks. It seems the data hostage takers behind the May 12 WannaCry attack have made about £110k in Bitcoin, but the real cost, the human cost of the attack, was 850 medical operations being canceled in the UK alone.

In June and July, we commissioned a survey of 1200 employee and 600 business decision makers after the crippling Wannacry attack, which suggested 3 in 4 business expected to be attacked in coming months. 29% said IT Security is now a boardroom issue as a result.

So with this spotlight on keeping business and staff safe from cyber nasties, how confident are you now in your current security architecture to counter a myriad of new dangers – both from outside and inside your organization. Don’t let it be you that wakes up to encrypted hard-drives.

Clearswift has a new initiative called Data Protection+, which is designed to complement your existing solution, without the need to rip and replace your current gateways or AV and malware vendors. Data Protection+ compliments your on-premise or cloud security architecture with advanced layers of protection to tackle sophisticated threats, without disrupting the flow of business.

In the past few years, we’ve seen a 70% growth in our Advanced Threat Protection solution as more businesses seek advanced protection against ransomware. However, if boards are truly to take a proactive stance on cyber-security, then implementing a range of the latest security technologies will be paramount. That’s what Data Protection+ delivers - multiple layers of security to ensure attacks are stopped, before they impact your users and network, by removing the source of an attack from documents and attachments shared into an organization.

Conversely, organizations need to prevent sensitive data leaving the corporate boundary or face the wrath of the UK Information Commissioner’s Office, soon to be touting a 20m euro or 4% of turnover fine.

This functionality is all available now in Data Protection+ and can be deployed across your organization within hours with minimal disruption, keeping business productivity high and your boundaries safe. And you don’t need to throw out what you already have in place!

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