Clearswift Named a Cyber Security Leader of 2016 by Cyber Defense Magazine

Clearswift recognized amongst the industry’s top cyber security leaders for its game-changing Adaptive Data Loss Prevention solution.

Adaptive DLP is a Game-Changer for Cyber Defense

Cyber threats targeting governments, utilities and critical infrastructure services are evading traditional cyber defenses and are placing critical information and systems at risk. These ever morphing threats are increasing from both inside and outside the organization - requiring cyber security teams to ratchet-up their digital inspection and sanitization to an unprecedented level.

Solid gateway hygiene, access control and basic encryption have kept organizations immune, for the most part, from inbound embedded threats (e.g. Ransomware) and the malicious or accidental loss of confidential data. At the same time, the complexities of traditional DLP technologies prevented wide-scale adoption and often leaving the defense of an organization to stated “corporate policies” around the use of shadow IT (i.e. cloud storage, webmail, social, USBs, etc.), sharing of data with third parties and the publishing documents on the web without being able to technically enforce them.

Faced with a new reality that malware evasion techniques help cyber-attackers bypass anti-virus and sandbox analysis, and with data breaches sidestepping security policies range from the phishing of user login credentials to the leaking of sensitive documents and metadata harvesting, cyber defenses were demanding the game-changing innovations of Adaptive DLP.

Adaptive DLP offers an unmatched level of inspection of the digital activity entering and leaving the organization by completely dissembling the content into its constituents parts and automatically applying the appropriate level of security (e.g. sanitize, redact, block, delete, encrypt, etc.). Leveraging a surgical approach to cyber security, Adaptive DLP can remove only the malicious code or confidential data without the disrupting delays and quarantines. A bi-directional level of protection that can be deployed without a rip and replace of the existing security infrastructure and cost 2 to 3 less than what is available in the market.

Clearswift’s recognition by the Cyber Defense Magazine as a Cyber Security Leader further validates the announcement and strategy of RUAG Defence’s  intent to acquire Clearswift and incorporate Adaptive DLP’s game-changing technologies in its advance security suite of solutions- relied on to defend the world’s most sophisticated cyber operations.

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