Why are Leading Cybersecurity Experts Converging on Dallas Next Week?

Surviving the growing cybersecurity threats in today’s digital world is a difficult undertaking. It takes predictive intelligence, meticulous preparation, and stalwart protection, topics that will be addressed at the upcoming 2016 Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) International Conference. Scheduled to take place in Dallas, Texas on November 2 and 3, the ISSA International Conference is chalked full of some great keynotes, sessions, and discussions. Consider a few of presenters and sessions:

  • Michael Cootes, the CISO at Twitter, will speak about how to build a security program with executive support that scales while protecting the business.
  • Frank Kim, the CISO at the SANS Institute, will address how CISOs and security professionals can become business leaders and connect security to executive priorities in their organizations.
  • A CISO roundtable discussion featuring CISOs and Chief Compliance Officers from Dell, Clinicient, and CSG Government Solutions on the latest in ransomware attacks and what healthcare organizations can do to thwart them.

Going from Surviving to Thriving for Cybersecurity Leaders Session by Dr. Guy Bunker

Clearswift is a proud sponsor of the ISSA International Conference and will be hosting a number of engaging and leading-edge discussions in our booth (#607). Dr. Guy Bunker, the senior vice president of Products at Clearswift (@guybunker), will be presenting a cannot-miss session on November 3 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. as part of the Cumberland H Track: Infrastructure Audience Level: Security Leader: “Transform from Surviving to Thriving by Preparing for the Next Wave of Cyber-Attacks and Information Borne Threats.”

Dr. Bunker will address how cybersecurity leaders play a vital a role in protecting their organization’s critical resources and enabling new business outcomes in today’s accelerating cyber world. He will also discuss the ways these leaders can proactively defend against the next wave of cyberattacks and information-borne threats, which are two of the most pressing employee-centered cybersecurity challenges today. Among other discussion points, Dr. Bunker will analyze the latest attack techniques and information risks while covering how new adaptive detection technology and non-disruptive protection methods influence employee collaboration and take organizational security culture from surviving to thriving.

Adaptive DLP and  Advanced Threat Protection Discussions

Attendees will want to stop by the Clearswift booth for some of the great discussions around the topic of “Adaptive DLP and Advanced Threat Protection” and their implications for email and web security. Led by Dr. Bunker, discussion topics include:

Malware and Ransomware Sanitization. Advanced Threat Protection enables organizations to stop zero-hour threats that evade traditional antivirus and sandbox detection. This requires signature-less, real-time threat protection.

Protecting Confidential Information. Adaptive DLP provides unparalleled inspection and redaction. Unlike traditional DLP solutions, Adaptive DLP does not generate false positives and the resulting business interruptions (e.g., blocked email, application access, etc.).

Office 365 Email Security. The migration to Office 365 is on. While Office 365 offers basic email security, it lacks the business-level inspection, sanitization and advanced threat protection that help enterprises migrate with confidence.

Automated Document Redaction and Sanitization. More than three-quarters of organizations report some form of data security incident in the past year. Preventing these leaks and information harvesting with automated Adaptive DLP that avoids the stop-and-block approach of traditional DLP solutions is a critical business requirement for many organizations.

Attendees: Mark Your Schedules

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving and the threats become increasingly difficult to thwart. Events like the ISSA International Conference are valuable in preparing and equipping cybersecurity leaders to tackle these challenges and make cybersecurity a strategic focus for their businesses.

We look forward to the conference next week and the many engaging and thought-provoking sessions and discussions that will take place. In preparation for the event next week, attendees will want to mark Dr. Bunker’s session on their schedules as well as make sure they have time set aside to visit the Clearswift booth (#607).

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