Clearswift sees 70% growth in its ‘Advanced Threat Protection’ solution

Organizations look to a more effective layer of sanitization to defend against advanced malware and the resurgence of ransomware.

Advanced malware attacks evading traditional perimeter defenses have exploded this past year enabling cybercriminals to steal sensitive data or hold it hostage for a hefty ransom. As a result, organizations across the spectrum from healthcare, finance and manufacturing to local and national governments have scrambled to find a deeper layer of inspection and sanitization to protect against the malicious attacks easily bypassing their existing AV (anti-virus) scans and costly sandbox analysis.

The answer for a number of organizations across the globe was Clearswift’s Advanced Threat Protection solution with Clearswift seeing over 70% year-on-year growth in its Advanced Threat Protection solution for its fiscal year 2016.

“The tremendous growth of our Advanced Threat Protection solution was driven by the immediate prevention of malicious attacks currently bypassing existing defenses. Through a more effective layer of deep inspection and sanitization, organizations can quickly minimize their risk of being an initial target and stop hidden attacks at the point of entry.” – Dr. Guy Bunker, Clearswift, SVP of Products

More effective layer of inspection and sanitization

Consisting of its Structural Sanitization and Document Sanitization technologies, Clearswift’s Advanced Threat Protection solution is sought after for its unprecedented layer of defense by completely dissembling email, web, social and cloud activity in real-time to detect and remove embedded malware and ransomware triggers before they strike, allowing organizations to prevent an attack before it happens, versus bringing it inside the network in an attempt to analyze its behavior.  

The unique ability to dissect digital activity at such a granular levels helps future-proof security against ever morphing variants of malware and ransomware and ensures they can’t bypass detection, often the case with troublesome AV signature matching or sandbox evasion techniques such as extended sleep, fast flux, and human interaction.

Additionally, organizations are leveraging Clearswift’s Advanced Threat Protection solution to pro-actively avoid being the target of an attack in the first place. By automatically removing hidden and sensitive metadata (i.e. logins, system names, software versions, etc.) from shared documents, especially those published on their own website, organizations can prevent information harvesting and targeted spear-phising attacks.

Accelerated Adoption and Future Expectations

This accelerated adoption of Clearswift’s Advanced Threat Protection solution was not only driven by more sophisticated attacks launched at organizations, but due to the cost-effectiveness, ease of deployment and ability to be simply ‘added-on’ to an organization’s existing infrastructure without having to ‘rip and replace’. Clearswift expects this seamless integration along with an increased demand for a more complete level of protection from customers will further drive significant growth in 2017.


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