Do you have a game plan to protect your business information?

Clearswift Playbook

Last year, research revealed that security breaches affecting UK business declined year-on-year.* But the same research found that once a breach occurred, its consequences were more damaging than ever – both financially and in terms of harm to the brand.

While threats from hackers and even terrorist organisations grab the headlines, internal security breaches are in fact more pervasive. So what’s the best way for businesses to arm themselves against these threats? And how can they reliably safeguard data while maintaining a collaborative and flowing business?

Clearswift recommends a three-step approach to creating a game plan for countering insider threats – both now and in the future:
Step 1 Gain employee buy-in and make sure your people are actively engaged with data security. Pinpoint high-risk roles and departments and ensure these are mitigated.
Step 2 Get Board-level buy-in to the importance of protecting your business against internal threats. Highlight the lost revenues, sanctions and reputational risks at stake.
Step 3 Identify and protect your critical data. Solutions like Clearswift’s Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP) safeguards 100% of your sensitive information, 100% of the time.

Why not investigate the evidence for building your own game plan?

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*UK Government Cyber Security 2014 Technical Report