Do you know the real value of your information?

Clearswift Parallax Infographic

Did you know that 35% of your employees would sell company information, with some accepting as little as £100?

To protect your critical business data effectively, you need to really understand its value.
What’s your most valuable data from an operational perspective? What’s the information that would be most costly to you if it fell into the wrong hands? Which of your employees has access to what, and how important is your business to them? Plus, what security systems do you have in place, and how effective are they?

The Clearswift Insider Threat Index (CITI) provides far deeper insights than ever before into the mindset of would-be data thieves, and helps answer these important questions. More than just general awareness, CITI gives your organization actionable risk intelligence to reduce its exposure.

This helps those responsible for corporate data security to anticipate attacks and rethink their defense. Moreover, Clearswift’s adaptive data loss prevention (A-DLP) solutions give IT leaders the technology they need to address all kinds of threats inside their own organization. It’s the first to include adaptive redaction technology, which removes sensitive data while keeping communications flowing.

Create your win-win security game plan

Read the CITI parallax infographic: “Think you know the true value of your data?”