Do you know your true enemy?

Did you know that the biggest threat to your data security is likely to be a middle manager in the finance department? 

To safeguard your business, you need to properly understand the risk. Which groups are your biggest threat? What motivates them to steal or sell information? Whether their data compromises are accidental and benign, or pre-meditated and malicious. And you need to understand why your existing security policies don’t protect you, and what can you do to tighten the net.

Truly understanding your adversary gives you a far greater chance of predicting their next move, so you can adapt your approach to reduce the impact of their actions. The Clearswift Insider Threat Index (CITI) is a game changer and gives you exactly the intelligence you need to get into the mindset of ‘the enemy within’. For example, CITI reveals that a middle manager (37%) in the finance department (48%) is your biggest risk, most probably motivated by increased stress and workloads (22%).

Data like this helps those tasked with maintaining corporate data security to identify the likely sources of risk and devise counter-strategies. When combined with Clearswift’s innovative data loss prevention solutions, you can create a win-win game plan to combat insider threats: locking down your sensitive data without restricting your business flows.

For more information, view the CITI infographic: “Change your game plan to protect against internal threats."


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