RSA Conference: Never, Ever Sacrifice Security for Convenience (and Vice Versa)

By Dr. Guy Bunker @guybunker

“We’ve given up…security for convenience.”
– Christofer Hoff, Juniper Networks, RSA Conference Keynote

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At RSA Conference this week, I sat through back-to-back keynotes and heard everything from record-setting long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad inspire the audience with her words “never, ever give up” to Andrew McAfee advise the world to get geeky with it. 

While I can find similarities between their talks and what we’re doing over at Clearswift, what really resonated with me was the short but impactful statement above. Why? Because it’s frighteningly true. It’s also an issue we’ve been addressing as we change the data loss prevention game.

While Hoff was referring to the “convenience” of apps, wearables and devices brought to you by the Internet of Things, we’ve also seen this sacrifice of security in the DLP space. It shouldn’t be an either/or. For us, security and convenience go hand in hand, in fact it is even more of a necessity than ever before.

In the past, DLP products took a lot of time and resources to deploy and were difficult to scale and limited in flexibility due to archaic ‘stop and block’ practices which interrupted the flow of communication and therefore business. As a result, enterprise organizations became frustrated with current solutions and turned off critical features – DLP became shelfware or an expensive reporting tool. To determine how this was affecting security, we conducted a survey and found that 88 percent of businesses polled have experienced an IT or security incident in the last 12 months. Seventy-three percent of those incidences were attributed to internal, rather than external, sources, posing a critical threat to businesses. To counteract the insider threat, we went straight to the heart of the problem – convenience. If a majority of data breaches originated internally because organizations were disabling key components of their DLP solution, and the reason they were disabling those features was because they were inconvenient to manage or because they impacted workflow too much, why not make them more manageable and remove only the sensitive information rather than the whole document or communication to enable continuous collaboration? Furthermore, there are new information bourn threats, critical information hidden in metadata and document revision history, and APTs hidden in active content, these also need to be addressed by a DLP system for today’s agile organization whose business imperative is to protect their critical information. And that’s exactly what we did.

Last week, we launched ARgon for Email, the industry’s first truly adaptive DLP solution that can be quickly and easily deployed within any existing email security infrastructure, offering a very rapid risk reduction, and measurable return on investment. This week, ARgon for Email was on display at our RSA Conference booth, showcasing how we’ve become a DLP game changer. This solution, award-winning in itself, is powered by our Adaptive Redaction (AR) technology, enabling companies to communicate and collaborate freely while reducing the risk from inbound and outbound information threats. With the introduction of ARgon for Email, we’ve officially changed the game.

Businesses are now empowered to achieve true continuous collaboration without worrying about lengthy deployments, ripping and replacing existing infrastructure, disruptions due to false positives, inadequate monitoring and, above all, data breaches from an insider threat. Welcome to the new convenient, secure and worry-free work environment, one in which, to combine two keynotes, you never, ever have to sacrifice security for convenience and vice versa.