ARgon for Email – straightforward, rapidly realized Data Loss Prevention for everyone

By Heath Davies, Chief Executive

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Today I am excited to announce the launch of ARgon for Email, a new, world first adaptive data loss prevention (DLP) solution. ARgon is powered by Clearswift’s unique, award-winning Adaptive Redaction (AR) technology enabling organizations to easily implement adaptive DLP functionality within their existing email security infrastructure, reducing risk from next generation inbound and outbound information threats.

Never more than today has data loss from accidental or malicious insiders had such a critical impact for businesses. New research from Clearswift has highlighted that 73% of the data breaches in 2014 were from the direct cause of the extended enterprise, compared to just 58% only 2 years ago. This is no small matter for organizations - the most prominent concerns associated with data loss are reputational damage (48%), a loss of customers or market share (53%) and loss of competitive advantage (48%) – making it a company-wide issue.

Don’t just take my word for it…

Fran Howarth of Bloor Consulting comments, ‘based on recent evidence Clearswift’s ARgon for Email is addressing the necessary changes required in the DLP market; challenging implementation difficulties, disruptions due to false positives and inadequate monitoring, whilst utilizing the existing infrastructure to protect existing security layers. It is a real game changer in the solution to data loss prevention for today’s organization.’

It’s not just good news for Clearswift, it’s also good news for our partners; the heart of our business.

“With ARgon and its inherent vendor neutrality, Clearswift offers a tremendous opportunity to its partners and solution providers,” says Matthew Helling at Softcat, “DLP has been a challenging sell for many years because it often involves complex integration, but with ARgon’s limitless compatibility, the channel has a real chance to make DLP more attainable and affordable; delivering tangible value to its customers.”

With regulation and the insider threat driving the need for a stringent DLP approach, yet an agile and openly collaborative actuality being demanded by the business; ARgon negates this paradox.

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