Predictions for 2015

By David De Laine, Regional Director - ANZ

Predictions for 2015

2014 was an exciting year for the security landscape. Some are calling it the ‘year of the breach’ – in November, Sony Pictures suffered the most damaging hack in the company’s history, which was in similar vein to a number of other brands across the globe.

To combat such threats, we’ve seen legislation really toughen up in recent months, both globally and at home, and a higher proportion of ‘regulators’ are being employed.

In the face of, but not solely because of, these increased regulation measures the security landscape of security is changing. I predict that 2015 will see certain trends come to the fore…

1) Security will embrace digital

Millennials are joining the workforce and are the buyers of tomorrow, and the businesses that embrace them will be the most successful. Many organisations will continue to use existing working practices as the base from which to grow businesses. However, although you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you may be able to make the wheel more attractive to a different audience. As digital natives they will soon be both the buyers and sellers that drive our industry and the security industry must both learn from them and simultaneously sell to them by embracing digital in the fullest possible way.

2) Security will evolve

The security industry is evolving faster than ever. Simplicity is what customers demand – and technology will evolve to meet today’s threats whilst providing a simple user experience. Organisations that can simplify their operations will retain, grow and acquire clients in 2015.

3) The industry will look to start ups for innovation…

Organisations should look at Australian start-ups both for innovation and economic benefits. Clearswift acquired Jedda Systems Ltd in 2013 because of their innovation solutions worldwide. The nimble, quick and innovative side of start-ups will be attractive to the largest companies to purchase this year, as a surprise flanking move could see end users leap frog the incumbent vendors and invest in a start-up to gain real advantage in ICT execution.

4) But also keep an eye on the big guns…

Companies should keep a close eye on the big IT vendors as they start their divorce proceedings; HP into HP Enterprise and HP Inc. and Symantec into separate security and information management organisations. The industry should keep an eye on this to see if it just for shareholder value or [hopefully] ease of doing business with Australian companies.

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