DLP Renaissance in the Channel

By Ciaran Rafferty, SVP WW Sales

Catalyst partner logoData loss prevention is making a resurgence in businesses’ information security strategies, and nowhere is benefiting more from this than our channel partners who are witnessing an increased uptake of our Adaptive Redaction technology.

In October 2014, we launched our Catalyst Partner Programme to cement our commitment to the channel, and provide programmes that can help the channel take advantage of the second coming of DLP.

This second coming of DLP has happened primarily because of a heightened awareness of the insider threat and increased amounts of critical information held within businesses. Numerous reports in recent years have cited an increase in data breaches caused by employees - whether malicious or accidental - which has sparked more of a requirement for this type of solution in order to protect sensitive data. Traditionally, DLP solutions have been perceived as big and expensive projects that don’t always work, and this has been a major barrier to adoption, but this has changed.

Changing with the times

At Clearswift, we’re at the forefront of the new generation of adaptive DLP and we’re making sure our partners are with us. We make sure our partners are fully educated on the benefits the technology has over other alternatives. For example, our Adaptive Redaction technology can be implemented on top of existing systems without the need of replacing what already exists. This means resellers are able to offer Adaptive Redaction on top of what a customer already has – even existing DLP systems – which is a highly attractive proposition.

Ultimately, Adaptive Redaction is a non-competitive product – no other provider can offer content inspection on the scale that we can. No other vendor can offer the redaction we can. All this provides a cost-effective solution which enables channel partners to build interest in DLP once more.

Over a decade since the term DLP was coined, the technology has today matured into an exciting and innovative solution to current industry concerns on critical information. We’re proud to be at the forefront, helping the channel take advantage of this new wave of innovation in data protection.

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