The Four Horsemen of the Data Loss Apocalypse

Cyber security has become a global issue, and a major factor in modern day business practice.

The Four Horsemen of the Data Loss Apocalypse

Despite the headlines around national attacks and cyber terrorist groups, a significant threat to an organization’s security comes from its own employees. It may seem like a simple task for security teams to look inwards at their own staff, but the reality is that the insider threat is hard to find. It could come from anywhere – from someone accidentally sending the wrong file, to a disgruntled employee looking for revenge.

So how can organizations recognize the enemy within? And could YOU yourself be an inadvertent threat to critical information?

The team at Clearswift have identified a series of personality traits and actions that could lead to a loss of critical information within a company and used them to create ‘The Four Horsemen of the Data Loss Apocalypse’ to embody these personas.

Which one are you?

Take our short Buzzfeed quiz to find out whether you are a Sandra, a Daniel, a Lauren or a Simon and what you could do to ensure you don’t become the weak link in your security.


Why not share with colleagues and find out what personas your company holds within; after all, you need to know what an issue looks like in order to combat it.