Clearswift surges into FY15…

Info-Tech Report

By Heath Davies, Chief Executive

Following on from our recent success at the SC Awards, I am pleased to share more good news in regards to Clearswift establishing our position as a leading innovator in the cyber security and critical information protection arena. In Info Tech Research Group’s latest report, Vendor Landscape Secure Email Gateway, Clearswift has been categorized as an’ Innovator’ as well as receiving the ‘Trend Setter’ award.

The Info Tech report praises Clearswift for its innovation in the industry, beating strong competition to achieve Trend Setter status. The Innovator category exists to identify vendors that have demonstrated innovative product strengths, which act as their competitive advantage in appealing to niche segments of the market. According to Info Tech, “these vendors are poised to emerge as champions.”

The report is excellent validation of our business strategy and vision “A proven track record of innovation, and a security focus make Clearswift a shortlist candidate for any high demand organization”, as well as recognizing and highlighting our unique technology offering “Adaptive Redaction set Clearswift apart for specific use cases… Clearswift has developed innovative and extremely impressive detection capabilities.

With all the awards and analyst endorsements, we have had a phenomenal start to our new financial year. Receiving this kind of recognition from our industry provides the team with a real boost and gives us strong proof points when setting out the Clearswift stall to customers and prospects. All in all they support all our efforts in working towards our next financial goals and business growth.

Vendor Landscape – Email Security Gateway Report

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