Introducing the Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway and a partnership with Blue Coat Systems

by Heath Davies, Chief Executive.

A big part of Clearswift’s strategic vision in 2014 was our commitment to continue to innovate and build up a product suite that supports our clients’ needs to protect their critical information. I am pleased to say that today, with the announcement of our SECURE ICAP Gateway (SIG), we are forging ahead on delivering on this strategy.

Clearswift has also partnered with Blue Coat Systems, a market leader in Business Assurance Technology, to fully integrate the SECURE ICAP Gateway with the Blue Coat ProxySG appliances to provide a robust, unified information security solution. As a Business Assurance Technology partner, Clearswift is working with Blue Coat to bring together the best technologies in the industry and build a superior security ecosystem that empowers business.

SECURE ICAP Gateway enables clients to use the Clearswift Deep Content Inspection engine to provide policy driven Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and deploy our unique Adaptive Redaction technology within an ICAP environment. This enables fine grained control of any critical information which is accessed, posted or shared online. The focus is on protecting both the organization and the user whilst mitigating the risks associated with unauthorized access to critical information – through either malicious or inadvertent behavior.

Automated solutions have to be at the heart of any critical information protection strategy to minimize manual intervention and information risk, while maximizing productivity and collaboration. The Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway meets the critical information protection needs of an organization, whether for compliance, governance or IPR protection, as well as providing an agile solution that caters for the challenging requirements in an ever changing business practice.

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