Introducing a new product innovation in cyber security technology to empower business strategies

by Heath Davies, Chief Executive.

Today we are pleased to announce a strong start to 2014, as we are launching the latest addition to our award-winning SECURE Web & Email Gateway solutions - SECURE Exchange Gateway (SXG).

The SECURE Exchange Gateway has been designed to enable businesses to strategically manage and protect critical information within an internal Microsoft Exchange infrastructure. In tandem with our own Adaptive Redaction technology, SXG dramatically guards against external breaches as ell preventing inappropriate or critical information from being distributed incorrectly.

Information is a critical asset and ensuring that it is protected and managed appropriately within the boundaries of an organization is paramount. Businesses today need to insure that information security is protected and managed appropriately regardless of the infrastructure that it sits within. SXG enables this within the Exchange environment - facilitating internal compliance via more control and increased business efficiency.

SXG also provides critical information protection by detecting inappropriate content sharing, embedded malware, malicious executable file types and identifies violations in conversations or documents by using Clearswift’s Adaptive Redaction technology – which automatically recognizes and removes sensitive data as it passes through an Exchange network.

We recognize that Microsoft Exchange is a global collaboration tool of choice and that its market share is growing - it is set to grow its vendor share from 53% to 68% in 2016 (Radicati Group). By combining innovations in technology, this hybrid product enables critical information protection and compliance using Adaptive Redaction technologies tailored for use within the Exchange Infrastructure.

At Clearswift we are focused on providing solutions that will enable organizations to easily secure their data and work smarter so that ultimately all business-critical information remains safe, protected, appropriately distributed – whether that is external or internal.

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