10 Essential Steps to Security for Businesses - part 5

And so, we have come to the last two of this week’s Clearswift Best Practice Top Tips.

We know how important it is for a business to be cyber security ready and we know the importance organisations place on this, however they may well be struggling to get there.

According to our own recent research 83% organisations suffered a data security incident last year and 72% of respondents surveyed are struggling to keep up with the changing security landscape.

Top Tip 9: Simplify policy enforcement

Security events, especially those around Data Loss Prevention (DLP) can encumber an entire IT department unless you simplify, automate and streamline. 

Deploying, updating, managing and monitoring processes need to be designed with the real world in mind. Over-complicated or poorly integrated security not only wastes time and resources, it weakens your defenses. Proper policy enforcement should be able to integrate with the environment to simplify the way enforcement is performed, improve the detection accuracy, and reduce the number of incidents to be managed.

Clearswift SECURE Web and Email Gateways are built around a common content-inspection engine. Policy and reporting on content, threats and user activity are then applied to all digital communication channels. Security events such as DLP false positives can be directed to managers rather than to the IT department or a compliance officer, spreading the responsibility and reducing the operational cost.

Top Tip 10: Innovate and grow your business

Balancing the requirement for strong network security with the need to harness collaborative web technologies is essential for business growth. Organizations need to exploit and benefit from modern web technologies and services, while ensuring that company networks remain fully protected against incoming threats and data leakage.

Develop an organizational view about new technologies and ways in which the business wants to work, especially those around new web services for collaborative working. Consult with key stakeholders, establish the benefits to business, understand the risks and evolve the company’s usage policy accordingly.

With the Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway deployed, the web is transformed from a high-risk environment to a place of free and safe collaboration and communication. Business-enhancing online technologies like webmail, social-media websites and collaborative services can then be enabled with confidence.

Further reading

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