10 Essential Steps to Security for Businesses - part 4

Part 4 of our best practice Top 10 Tips - ensuring both internal and external company information remains secure.

Read on for Top Tips numbers 7 & 8… missed our Top Tips 1 to 6?

Top Tip 7: Social networking and productivity

Many companies have been quick to recognize and exploit the benefits of social-media tools to improve customer relations. Equally, employers increasingly understand that Web 2.0 tools can improve employee relations.

Staff can be happier and more motivated as a result of being allowed to use these tools in the workplace. This can in turn have a beneficial impact on business.

Balance the productivity benefits of social-networking services by including browsing schedules and time quotas in your organization’s web security policy.

Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway provides time-of-day and browse-time quota controls to enable freedom of access without the risk of abuse.

Top Tip 8: Monitor all web activity

That which gets measured, gets managed. Your web security should include comprehensive monitoring, reporting and analysis.

Start with big-picture snapshots of web activity. Examine the number of page requests and data volumes, for example. Then break down the analysis by user, site, activity, bandwidth, browse time and so on.

For real-time defense, set alerts to flag serious breaches before they get out of hand.
Good monitoring and reporting will let you spot suspicious activity early, revise your policy when needed and improve allocation of resources.

Clearswift SECURE Web and Email Gateway solutions are famous for their rich, interactive, graphical web-based monitoring, reporting and alerting.

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