10 Essential Steps to Security for Businesses - part 2

To mark the close of EU National Cyber Security Awareness Month, this week we’ll be providing a couple of top tips per day to help ensure that both internal and external company data remains secure.

Read on for Top Tips numbers 3 & 4…missed TopTips 1 & 2?

Top Tip 3: Attack spyware from multiple angles

Spyware is one of the more insidious (and annoying) web hazards. Fight it from all directions:

  1. Stop it at the gateway – with automated filtering and spyware profiling
  2. Stop it at the desktop – by scanning regularly to eradicate embedded spyware
  3. Stop it ‘calling home’ – so newly installed spyware can’t get back to base for instructions
  4. Prevent it from reaching your users – by proactively detect and strip active content from usually trusted sources like Office or PDF documents

Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway uses Anti-spyware software and Active Content detection technology to stop spyware at the gateway. Spyware downloads and call-homes are blocked by the award-winning Clearswift SECURE Gateways.

Top Tip 4: Block undesirable websites

Millions of dubious websites spring up daily. You can’t keep track of them all. But technology can.

Use URL filters to block whichever kind of sites your policy demands – like gambling, pornography, remote proxies, hate sites, malware and phishing pages. Supplement the filter with dynamic real-time categorization, a blacklist of your own, or add exceptions to a whitelist.

Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway’s URL filter is supported by one of the most accurate website databases in the world. It is continuously updated, with millions of sites analyzed each year. The database is further enhanced by Clearswift’s real-time categorization technology. This analyses and categorizes new sites and pages containing dynamic content, aiding accurate identification.

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