Getting on board with EU Cyber Security Month

By Dr. Guy Bunker. 

October is here and it heralds the start of the first EU Cyber Security Awareness Month (ECSM) and we’re already into the second week. ECSM is a European Union advocacy campaign which aims to promote awareness and importance of cyber security across the EU. The aim is to change individuals and businesses’ perception of cyber-threats and provide up-to-date security information, via education and sharing good practices. For instance here in the UK there are a whole host of events going on – find out more here.

We know how important it is for a business to be cyber security ready. And we know the importance organisations place on this, however they may well be struggling to get there. According to our own recent research 83% organisations suffered a data security incident last year and over two thirds (69%) of businesses named protecting sensitive data from outside threats as a key driver within their organisations. However, 72% of respondents surveyed are struggling to keep up with changing security landscape.

Throughout October we will be sharing our own best practice for getting your business cyber security ready – from data protection, compliance, regulation, and education of a workforce and how to deal with social media in an increasingly collaborative world, through to what makes a successful IT security policy.

To celebrate EU Cyber Security Month, you can ask me a question, yep, Clearswift’s very own Cyber Security Expert Dr Guy Bunker! DM on Twitter @Clearswift, or message via LinkedIn. #AskGuy anything you like – from future prediction of cyber security to come, or future threats, to top tips to avoid the main cyber dangers at work and in your personal life and I’ll attempt to answer them.

All too often there is a thought that, when it comes to cyber incidents, “it won’t happen to me” or “I’ll look at it tomorrow, when everything else has calmed down”… the reality is that, unfortunately these things do happen, and this is actually one thing where the old adage of “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today” is a good one.

Improving your cyber risk profile does not need to be expensive… a simple employee awareness campaign, through email, based on stories in the news or from the ECSM campaign can help. Take a look at for some of the most recent data breaches and then ask employees, “do you look after information in the same way that you would like your information looked after?” Might be a good starting point for a discussion…

Keep up to date with all the EU Cyber Security Month @CyberSecMonth and remember, when it comes to cyber security, ignorance is not bliss.