Adaptive Redaction - A world first in a challenging cyber landscape

By Guy Bunker

Following on from our recent acquisition news, I’m excited to share more news today. In the latest release of our award-winning SECURE Web and Email Gateways we have added a world first: Adaptive Redaction technology. This is another step on our journey toward being a leader in the Information Governance space.

Developed by our pioneering technology team, the SECURE Web and Email Gateways use Adaptive Redaction to prevent critical information leaking in or out of the business. The technology automatically identifies AND removes sensitive data (for example credit card numbers or patient ID’s contained in an email or a document) as it passes in and out of the company network without the need for human intervention.
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a frontline issue today for businesses of all sizes. Our latest research found that 83% of organisations had experienced some form of data security incident in the last year. In July the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) warned public sector bodies that they face being fined for breaching data protection laws if they disclose "hidden" personal information in their responses to freedom of information (FOI) requests. Policy based Adaptive Redaction discovers and consistently removes both the ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ information that is found in today’s electronic communications, protecting all organizations from data loss without blocking communication and collaboration.

Data loss not only damages reputation, it can also result in compliance regulation breaches at considerable cost to the business. We designed Adaptive Redaction to help businesses help themselves and the key to the products success is its ease of use. Adaptive Redaction provides a robust, compliant, automated and dynamic solution, without resorting to the ‘stop and block’ approach that traditional DLP solutions create.

As Frank Dickson, Industry Principal Network Security at Frost & Sullivan comments in our press release: “The challenges that organisations face today with both the malicious and unintended transfer of personal information and sensitive corporate data has been well publicised. The proliferation of e-mail, social media and other communication channels has exacerbated the challenges as they provide individuals with exponentially increased opportunities to share and communicate”

With security incidents, whether internal or external, targeted or accidental at an all-time high there has never been a more important time for Adaptive Redaction. For Clearswift, it cements our philosophy of making superior cyber security solutions simple.