Clearswift’s Jedda acquisition paves way for accelerated growth

Blog by Heath Davies

You may remember my introduction as CEO, speaking about how our company was moving forward into a new and exciting growth era. Our plans have been built on the key development of existing relationships with clients and partners and through carefully selected acquisitions. It is with this in mind that I am delighted to share with you news that Clearswift has completed its first acquisition since being acquired by Lyceum. This means we have taken a further step forward on our journey to being a visionary within the Information Governance arena and bolsters our content aware DLP story. The acquisition is of the intellectual property rights of Jedda Systems Pty Ltd, a highly innovative developer of endpoint DLP solutions, based in Adelaide, Australia.

Our Global Outlook

As pioneers in cyber security Clearswift is continually monitoring the market for businesses aligned to our vision and thinking. Naturally, we looked to Australia as one of our global hubs to, quite literally, have two firm feet stood astride the globe. The team will continue to be based in Adelaide, and we extend a very warm welcome to them all. We are also planning to immediately recruit two new team members to underpin the acquisition and speed the integration activity; the new team will be working closely with our existing UK based development teams.

Benefits You’ll See

The aim of this pivotal acquisition is to integrate the innovative Endpoint content-aware endpoint DLP solution from Jedda into our existing world-class products and will be available in the first half of 2014. The new integrated solution will set Clearswift apart as providing the full capability of Network, Endpoint and Discovery DLP offerings. The acquisition brings more than just the Jedda Intellectual Property; the experienced team also brings solid know-how and will contribute improvements in our overall solutions. As Chris Christiansen, Vice President Security Products & Services IDC commented in our press release: “[Data Loss Protection] is not a simple process because these acts range from accidental leaks to mischievous circumventions of policy to malicious thefts and embarrassingly deliberate disclosures. With Clearswift's acquisition of Jedda, it is moving forward towards simplifying this complexity and improving of these situations.”

Today’s acquisition also provides Clearswift with an enhanced vision, including strengthening the Information Governance strategy, with improved product capabilities. It provides a cost effective and faster go-to market solution than building endpoint DLP in house and will enable us to better meet our customers’ business needs in this area.

The acquisition of Jedda is not a ‘one-off’, the strategy for growth has always been one of increased investment in-house to develop new products and features, as well as the acquisition of companies which support our strategy moving forwards.

Watch this space…