The Enemy Within: an emerging threat...

The Enemy Within

We are pleased to announce today our latest research report ‘The Enemy Within’, which we have conducted to review the extent to which internal threats are affecting UK organisations. We know that traditionally there has been a lot of focus on external threats – the likes of hackers or cyber-criminals – however our research shows that this outward –looking focus is misguided; this is based on fact that over the last year 58% of security incidents have come from within the extended enterprise (e.g. employees, ex-employees as well as trusted partners) compared with just 42% coming from outside the organisation.

Click to download the infographic
Click to download the infographic
We know that this enemy within is manifesting itself in many guises - either as malicious attempts or accidental via human error or poor business process; these are coming about due to lack of awareness of security policy as well as increasing use of personal devices for work purposes.  Combine this with increased uptake of cloud-based tools and reliance on the extended enterprise in a collaborative working environment and you have perfect security storm conditions ahead.

This is what we are concerned about. We know that there has been a lot of focus on global and high profile cyber-crime incidents and potential attacks and the impact that these can have on governments through to SMEs; but we believe that more attention needs to be given to what is happening inside UK organisations closer to home. Internal threats are a serious concern and companies need to ensure that they raise awareness to staff and partners of appropriate behaviour when it comes to security policy to ensure that they can take control of these incidents. The consequences of not doing so include failure to meet compliance and regulatory demands, as well as reputational damage and financial penalties.

Next time… we look at how the changing security landscape is creating a perfect security storm.