The last few days have seen reports of early technology adopters caught up in an iPad frenzy as it hit stores outside of the US. Although it has been an eagerly anticipated event, once the bubble wrap is off and people get down to actually using it, many people are still wondering how the iPad be integrated into daily working life.

There are signs that enterprises will be rolling them out as alternatives to laptops and net books – a recent survey claimed that over 80% of respondents expect to purchase the iPad for their company. While 84% of organisations will support personal iPads, 50% of employees expect their organisation to purchase the device for them. There is a link here with our own recent research that we undertook into the impact of social media and collaborative technologies on today’s organisations - 56% of employees expect the same or better IT experience at work as they get at home.

What this is showing is that workers are happy to work wherever they are – whether it is in the office, at home, in an airport lounge or on a sun lounger but they want to be able to do it with technology that is reliable and will enable them to have a seamless experience. The Citrix research into the use of iPad in the enterprise also refers to the growing trend of Bring Your Own Computers (BYOC) – which organisations seem to be leaning towards to minimise the support of ‘unauthorised’ endpoint devices, however there are still reservations regarding security and compliance.