Election frenzy is upon us! This week, the focus has been on the airing of the UK’s first televised leadership debate. What I’ve found particularly interesting is the level of media focus the next day as to the reaction online. This feature is second only to the usual claims from each party asserting that ‘their man won’. Here are some fast facts about the social media reaction to the leadership debate:

  • Over 180,000 tweets were made during the 90 minute debate
  • Facebook's "Rate the debate" page crashed due to massive user demand
  • Peak tweet frequency reached 22.5 per second during the debate – almost double the peak for Nick Griffin’s contentious appearance on Question Time

What this reinforces, is that massive impact that social media has come to have on peoples’ lives. The popularity of websites such as Facebook and Twitter has exploded in recent years, and have become a mainstay in many people’s lives. But whereas once social media was firmly pigeonholed in the ‘private’ section of peoples’ lives, it has now become so mainstream that many businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and seeing the potential for such tools in the workplace.

Next week, we’ll be unveiling our 2010 ‘Web 2.0 in the Workplace’ report, which examines the adoption of social media and collaborative technologies amongst businesses. As well as exploring the take-up around the world, the report also observes the implications from a security perspective.