So today we unveil our ‘Web 2.0 in the Workplace’ report. Back in 2007, Clearswift conducted some research into how businesses were using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and wikis etc.

At the time, businesses were pretty sceptical, with just 11% of organisations saying that they were actively using them. One of the key barriers to adoption was the fact that social networking sites were seen as a distraction to people’s jobs and would deter productivity.

However, today, three years we have released some research that paints a very different picture. Almost two-thirds of organisations are actively encouraging the use of Web 2.0 tools in the workplace which demonstrates that confidence is growing in relation to the use of them. Companies know that they offer real benefits for businesses – not only improved communications with employees and suppliers but also cost savings and better staff morale.

We are living in a world where collaborative technologies are making a difference in the business world, and adoption is being driven by a powerful ‘Generation Y’ presence who expect the same type of web experience in the workplace that they have at home. The challenge that enterprises face today is how to ensure that they have the right approach to managing this communication and way of doing business so that that it remains compliant with industry regulation. And this is backed up by over two-thirds of organisations surveyed recognising that a new approach to security is needed in this new era of web collaboration.