Judgment in Clearswift Patent Case

Theale (UK), 28th September 2018.  Clearswift welcomes key aspects of the judgment handed down today by Judge David Stone in the case between Clearswift Ltd and Glasswall (IP) Ltd. The judgment has confirmed that core to Glasswall’s patented technology is the requirement to parse fully, extract the content from and regenerate both emails and their attachments to create completely new files.

“That is fundamentally different from the way Clearswift applies its structural sanitization in its products,” said Dr. Guy Bunker, SVP Products, Clearswift. “The judgment describes the manner in which the patent parses, extracts content from and then regenerates both emails and their attachments and we welcome the clarification on the interpretation of the patent and Glasswall’s patented technology in general. The outcome of this case has no impact on our customers or our products.”

Automated removal of macros from documents as a technique to defeat malware has been a part of Clearswift’s products since MIMEsweeper was introduced in 2003 and remains a key defense mechanism in its products today.

The understanding that the patent in question requires the full parse of the file and any attachments to the content level and the complete extraction of these contents before regeneration of the file occurs from scratch, is key to giving Clearswift the confidence to move forward without further concerns about Glasswall’s patents. Bunker added, “Clearswift’s award-winning technology continues to protect its customers across the globe, effectively defending them from next-generation information borne threats and supporting them with compliance.”

About Clearswift
Clearswift is trusted by organizations globally to protect critical information, giving teams the freedom to securely collaborate and drive business growth. Its unique technology supports a straightforward and ‘adaptive’ data loss prevention solution, avoiding the risk of business interruption and enabling organizations to gain visibility and control of their critical information 100% of the time. As a global organization, Clearswift is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with offices in the United States, Germany, Australia and Japan and has an extensive partner network across the globe.