Clearswift announces SECURE File Gateway to protect against sensitive data loss in today’s collaborative business environment

London, UK 27 November 2012 – Clearswift, the global cyber-security company, has unveiled the latest addition to its range of award-winning web and email security solutions – the SECURE File Gateway. Enabling organisations to add powerful file content inspection features to existing applications and services, the File Gateway identifies and manages sensitive data and prevents data loss. Data breaches have increased dramatically in the past five years . Data loss not only damages reputation, it can also breach a number of compliance regulations at considerable cost to businesses. The SECURE File Gateway can protect your organisation from these significant risks by removing the fear of the unknown. Utilising Clearswift’s deep content inspection engine, the SECURE File Gateway inspects files and applies data loss prevention policies based on both the content and the meta-data before the files are moved from one location to another: for example between business units with different security requirements, or from a private Intranet to one that’s public facing. In this way critical information is prevented from leaving undetected. The SECURE File Gateway can also be used to receive information into your organisation, stopping malware from piggybacking on files and infiltrating the network. The SECURE File Gateway allows flexible policy creation using a web-based user interface. Administrators can also use a sophisticated web interface to manage and review policy violations.

If automated applications and services are moving sensitive information contained within files, then adding the content-aware capabilities of the SECURE File Gateway can significantly reduce the risk of sensitive data loss and protect these valuable assets.

‘Increasingly our customers require internal sanity checking of information before it is transferred from one department to another, or across to partners. The SECURE File Gateway enables policies to be set that support this business need, and provide the assurance to businesses that the information shared complies with policy. For many of our customers, this is not just about “small” files, but also those that are multiple gigabytes,’ said Dr Guy Bunker, Senior Vice President of Products at Clearswift.

Along with Clearswift’s SECURE Web and Email Gateways, the SECURE File Gateway provides increased and improved functionality to meet the demands of businesses today and in the future.

The Clearswift SECURE File Gateway is available now.

About Clearswift

Clearswift’s content-aware, policy based solutions (Clearswift Secure Web Gateway, Clearswift Secure Email Gateway, MIMEsweeper for SMTP) enable over 17,000 organisations in 50 countries to manage and maintain no-compromise data, email and web security across all gateways and in all directions.

Clearswift developed many features the security industry now considers standard, such as image scanning, policy-based encryption and user-level message tracking. Clearswift’s content-aware solutions enable safe and effective communication without compromising on security. Headquartered in Reading, UK, Clearswift operates out of offices based in regional hubs in Sydney, Australia; Munich, Germany; Tokyo, Japan; Madrid, Spain; and New Jersey, United States. For more information please contact:
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