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Clearswift Group includes the following companies:

  • Clearswift Holding Ltd
  • Clearswift Limited
  • Clearswift Technologies Holdings Ltd
  • Clearswift Corporation
  • Clearswift (Asia/Pacific) Pty. Ltd
  • Clearswift Kabushiki Kaisha
  • Clearswift GmbH

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Product names including MIMEsweeper, Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway, Clearswift SECURE Exchange Gateway, Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway, Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway, Clearswift ARgon for Email, Clearswift Information Governance Server and Clearswift Critical Information Protection Server, Clearswift Web Appliance, EXCHANGEmanager, CONTENTsafe, IMAGEmanager, ClearSupport, ClearLearning, TRUSTmanager, SpamLogic, ThreatLab are trademarks of Clearswift Limited. For further information, please contact the Legal and Commercial Director or visit Clearswift Terms and Conditions page. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Payment by card
Clearswift's head office can take card payments from partners over the telephone. Please ask if you wish to use this facility. Clearswift does not retain any card data and uses the information provided solely for the purpose of processing the transaction in question.

Privacy Policy
Clearswift will amend our processing practices in accordance with applicable legal requirements; the Clearswift Privacy Policy describes our policy. For more detail please contact Clearswift’s data protection officer, the Legal and Commercial Director.

HMRC Tax Strategy
Clearswift follows a documented UK Tax Strategy that covers risk management, tax planning and its approach to dealing with HMRC. Review the document here.

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