Clearswift Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement

At Clearswift we recognize our responsibilities as an international business and we aim to set, encourage and sustain high standards of corporate responsibility in everything we do across our operations.

This includes promoting and ensuring good labour standards and environmental practice in our supply chains. We believe that this not only makes business sense, it also has the potential to improve the living and working standards of people around the world and contributes to sustainable development.

Environmental Impact

As a software vendor and manufacturer, the majority of our products and manufacturing processes do not include physical items or processes. As a result, Clearswift has a very low global environmental footprint.

When the products include physical items, such as servers, we purchase from reputable manufacturers such as Dell who employ industry standard environmental policies and are fully WEEE and RoHS compliant.


To supplement our inherently low environmental impact, Clearswift globally implements a number of environmentally sensitive policies including recycling of waste paper, used CDs and use of recycled materials and paper.

We also actively separate and recycle waste products in our offices and provide multiple recycling facilities to staff in each of our offices.

The certified volume of our UK office paper recycling is equivalent to saving nearly one tree for every two of our employees in 2012.

Carbon Footprint

We regularly review our carbon footprint in each location worldwide, working with local suppliers and landlords. We have recently moved our Tokyo office to a more efficient site with far lower environmental impact through power consumption. The overall reduction in environment related costs is over 50%.

Our US office is also moving to a more efficient site with much lower environmental impact and increased flexible working. The overall reduction on environmental costs is over 50% with a significant reduction in travel related emissions.

Power Consumption

We carry out all development in the UK and have reduced our number of servers by 15% and power consumption per square foot by over 25% in the last 3 years.

We are targeting a further 10% reduction over 3 years by virtualisation, moving services into the cloud and reducing number of devices whilst also switching older units for newer, more efficient ones which also require less air conditioning to cool them.

Our policy

Our policy follows the principles set out in ISO 14001, namely:

  • An environmental policy supported by top management
  • Environmental goals, objectives, and targets that support the policy
  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • An environmental management process
  • A process for communicating the environmental management process to all interested parties via the website or for enquirers
  • A process for auditing progress and taking corrective action.

Employee-led initiatives

Our wider Corporate Social Responsibility approach includes allowing our employees to have the time to actively contribute to causes they care about and to strengthen the community around us.

All employees can take a Giving Day out of the office each year to support their chosen cause. Our employees also have a Giving Council to coordinate activities on behalf of Clearswift. This innovation is employee driven and led and carries out important activities such as organising the selection of a Worthy Cause of the Year and arranging and promoting fundraising and community events across our global regions.


Recent activities include a team from Clearswift helping a local school in the UK to build a nature garden, litter picking in Tokyo, team members transporting donations of goods across Germany for a charity and our US team helping out in a soup kitchen for the homeless.

We also encourage and support employees in their own charitable activities and encourage them to follow a healthy lifestyle both in and out of work.