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The Cyber Security Triangle

Your Cyber Security readiness depends on the awareness and behavior of every single user, so training your users is essential. But without a good network of cyber security products, your system is wide open to all levels of attack that can easily bypass user knowledge and IT procedure.  The collaboration of Clearswift products and RUAG services, such as consulting and training, will make sure you're protected on all sides of the Cyber Security Triangle.

Cyber Security Triangle

RUAG Cyber Security Portfolio - continuous and complete protection.

Protection of Critical Assets

Providing advanced cyber security services and products to increase operators' resilience against cyber attacks

Enabling Businesses Security

Supporting customers to realize their digital business potential through advanced cyber threat detection technology and services

Improving Cyber Response

Helping businesses increase effective responsiveness in cases of cyber attacks and providing business continuity guidance

RUAG Security Consulting

Cyber Security Consulting

With ever-changing threats and attacks from all sides, most companies are investing in security solutions to protect their information and systems.  But how do you know what kind of solutions your business needs? How do you decide how to manage it?  Securing your sensitive and critical digital assets in a continuously changing landscape is RUAG's mission. The RUAG professional services team consists of Cyber Security specialists with a wide range of competencies to help you design, implement and manage the most cost effective solutions to mitigate cyber risks.

Information Security Management System

At a time when minimizing security risk is constantly on the boardroom agenda, making sure your system is protected is a top priority. An ISMS provides you with personally defined policies, giving you an adaptive and well-fitted system to suit your needs. RUAG's ISMS allows you to determine the pace and the cost while staying in control during the whole process.

RUAG Cyber Circle

Cyber Training Range

Get trained, get ready. RUAG's tailored training programs teach you how to make the right decisions in critical situations and keep real risks to a minimum, making your company more secure and more able to withstand attacks. Courses are available for IT teams, executives and cross discipline groups. Training is offered at RUAG HQ in Switzerland, in one of Europe’s most sophisticated Cyber Training Centres. It can also be arranged on-site with the traveling classroom.

Security Operations Center Services

Security is the mitigation of intolerable risks. The rapid change in information risk often leaves organizations with gaps in their resources and skills. Long term outsourcing, or using consultants on a project based approach, can overcome the gaps in a cost effective way to improve security. RUAG consultants can offer both permanent staff as well as specialist services, including Emergency and Incident Response (CERT/CSIRT), eForensics and Private Threat Intelligence (PTI).

RUAG Security Operations Center
RUAG Private Threat Intelligence

Private Threat Intelligence

Keeping up with the pace of continuously evolving cyber threats is a key challenge for most organizations. With RUAG Private Threat Intelligence (PTI), customers will gain 360° visibility of their threat exposure. How secure are you?