SCIP SSL Content Proxy

SCIP SSL is the market-leading SSL Content Proxy for automatically detecting and blocking access to SSL servers with expired, revoked or self-signed certificates.

It provides immediate enterprise-wide protection at the gateway and protects your enterprise from hostile or compromised Internet SSL hosts. It also prevents company insiders from bypassing your enterprise's security policies through SSL and decrypts the data stream for inspection by Anti Virus, Data Loss Prevention and other content security scanners.

Maximize the ROI of your existing infrastructure, and put your security system to work 100% of the time with Clearswift's SCIP SSL Content Proxy.

Internet criminals see SSL encryption as the easiest way to circumvent enterprise security scanners and policies. Don't let them succeed. Protect your confidential data now.

Threat Protection

  • Encrypted Web traffic
  • Invalid and bogus digital server certificates
  • Revoked certificates
  • Black VPNs

Technical Specifications

Network Integration and Protocols
Protocols  HTTPS, HTTP 1.1, HTTP, WCCPv2, ICAP
Network Mode Proxy, Transparent Proxy, ICAP
Authentication Basic, NTLMv1, NTLMv2
Encryption SSL v2, SSL v3, TLS v1
Directory Support LDAP, Active Directory

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