Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway

Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway has been designed to offer complete protection for your business and customers. Using intelligent web security and web filtering techniques, you can keep unwanted content from entering your network.

Flexible policies also allow your business to carefully monitor and control information leaving your network, preventing sensitive data being passed on accidentally or deliberately. Everything that passes through your web gateway is carefully scanned and blocked or permitted according to your security rules.

The Clearswift Web Gateway allows for the creation of granular policies to help you mitigate data loss and regulatory, legal and reputational risks. The administration system is available in both English and Japanese.

The Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway is designed to enhance your internet browsing confidence by:

  • Encouraging appropriate behaviour from your staff
  • Minimizing careless errors
  • Protecting against external exploits and attacks through intelligent web filtering.

Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway Capabilities:

SECURE Web Gateway Web Interface

The Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway Web Interface allows an administrator to gain control of how the users of their network browse the World Wide Web, from easily configured policy controls, to a highly customisable reporting function - it gives power back to your organisation.


Available now... Adaptive Redaction

Discover the new features available for Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway - Find out more about Adaptive Redaction now.